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Vincennes Teen Center

Free for teens 13-18 years old! Open 3:00pm - 6:00pm every school day.

Want a spot to hang with your friends, play games, chill, and eat free food? Check out the new Teen Center at the Old Town Players. Built for teens by teens, it features tv, video games, books, snacks, laundry and more!

Thanks to the City of Vincennes, and several other local partnering agencies, now you can have immediate access to an awesome spot any day after school.

Located at Old Town Players, 432 Broadway Street, Vincennes

The center will be staffed daily by graduate level interns of the Grasshopper Group who are studying to become social workers & adolescent therapists. These interns, with Liz Meeks, Clinical Director, will offer opt-in programming like Expressive Art Therapy (with parental permission). In addition to this amazing team, a Vincennes Police Officer will be onsite for your safety.

Learn more from the Teen Revolution website by clicking here!

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